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Movie Music

Alexander's Ragtime Band 2002
Barbarian Horde (from "Gladiator") 2001
Batman Begins 2005
Blues in the Night 2013
Cantina Band (from "Star Wars") 1997
Hernandos Hideaway (from "The Pajama Game") 2009
How the West Was Won/The Cowboys 1995
The Incredibles 2005
James Bond Opener 2012
James Bond Medley 2012
James Bond Closer 2012
The Magnificent Seven 2013
The Mummy 2001
My Favorite Things (form "The Sound of Music") 2006
Ol' Man River (from "Showboat") 2010
Raiders March (form "Raiders of the Lost Ark") 2008
Silverado 1995
Silverado 2003
The Stars and Stripes Forever 2001
Swords Crossed (from "Pirates of the Caribbean") 2004
Skull and Crossbones (from "Pirates of the Caribbean") 2004
Superman 2006
Theme from "Batman" 2011
Back to the Future 2010
Star Trek Finale 2009