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Drum Major Qualities Ratings

Drum Major Qualities Ratings
1) The ability to positively receive constructive criticism from the Directors and implement changes needed.
2) The ability to positively follow band procedures and ensure implementation of instructions from the Directors.
3) The ability to earn the respect of other members of the ensemble through positive, fair and impartial leadership.
4) The personal fortitude to assert positive leadership when necessary and to assume full responsibility when in command.
5) The intelligence and common sense to make correct decisions when placed in a performance situation.
6) The capability to deal with fellow members in a confident, tactful, and authoritative manner.
7) The ability to positively command and maintain control without displaying excessive ego.
8) The physical appearance, mental ability, coordination, and dignified manner in which to make a positive impression.
9) An enthusiastic and positive attitude linked with the capability to motivate others.
10) The maturity and mental discipline to be prepared, dependable, cooperative, and loyal.
11) The competency to understand, perform, and/or conduct music at a highly proficient level.
12) The expertise to perform with tasteful showmanship and the presence to command the respect and the attention of spectators.
13) The ability to handle stress in various situations and settings.