The recipient of a Marching Band tuition assistance award is expected to fulfill the following requirements of the University and BYU Bands.  Remembering the guidelines for “honesty” implicit in the BYU Honor Code, do not accept the agreement if you do not intent to fulfill the following responsibilities.

1.   Successful participation in the BYU Marching Band during the fall semester. This includes:

  • participation in pre-season leadership training (for BLC and section/squad leaders only)
  • music memorization
  • attendance at all regularly scheduled rehearsals and performances (see schedule here)
  • properly representing the band and university through exemplary conduct and performance
  • participation in a probable post-season bowl game
    • although the costs of bowl game participation will be covered by the bowl bid, these performances will involve student time during at least part of the Christmas vacation — usually December 11- January 3.

2.    Registration for and completion of at least 12 hours of credit for undergraduates and 8.5 for graduate students during fall semester, including Marching Band (Music 323R).

  • Some exceptions may be approved.  If you are unable to meet the credit hour requirement, you must notify the Band Office (E485 HFAC) prior to September 10 to be considered for an exception.  After this date, your scholarship can be withdrawn.
  • Music majors should remember that this class does not fulfill the major ensemble requirement for each semester as a music major.

3.    A satisfactory academic level is expected.  Therefore, a minimum GPA of 2.0 is required.  Students participating in marching band who are on academic warning or probation have until the end of fall semester to rectify their academic status by earning a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. Students on good academic standing for the following winter semester will have their scholarship applied to the winter semester.

4.    If your scholarship award was increased due to participation in an auditioned concert band (Wind Symphony or Symphonic Band), it is expected that you will participate in the auditioned ensemble for BOTH fall and winter semesters.  One half of the scholarship will be awarded during fall semester.  The second half will be awarded during the winter semester provided you are still enrolled in either Wind Symphony or Symphonic Band.

5.    Fulfill any additional responsibilities of leadership as required for your position.

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