Rocky Mountain Directors’ Area Pass Notice Credential Use Conditions.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

LaVell Edwards Stadium, Provo, UT

This credential has been issued for the sole purpose of providing individual guest or working media access to an accredited agency’s representative who has a legitimate working function (media or festival function) in connection with Brigham Young University, or is an invited guest of the University. This credential is non transferable and must be worn and visible at all times. This credential allows access to the bearer only. Those not working in an official capacity, in addition to unauthorized guests, will not be admitted.

The bearer agrees to provide photo identification upon request by an authorized representative of Brigham Young University. Upon failure to provide a positive identification, the bearer agrees to surrender this credential and may be subject to ejection and refused re-entry to any Brigham Young University event. In addition, the bearer may be subject to prosecution for criminal trespass.

The bearer of this credential understands the risks that are inherent to the nature of this event and voluntarily assumes all risks of property loss and personal injury arising during use. Credentials reported as lost or stolen may not be honored. If lost or stolen, credentials will not be replaced.

This credential is the property of Brigham Young University! The bearer understands the privileges associated therewith, may be withdrawn from the bearer at any time. Acceptance of this credential constitutes agreement by the bearer and his or her organization to abide by the foregoing conditions, including conditions set for by the University.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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