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Information about Brass & Woodwinds

The BYU Cougar Marching Band fields piccolos, clarinets, alto saxes, tenor saxes, trumpets, marching French horns, trombones, baritones, and tubas. The number of available positions changes every year depending on how many members are returning as well as the talent of auditioning applicants. In general, there are 175 total members on brass and woodwind instruments. The Cougar Marching Band does not march mellophones or flutes but applicants are welcome to use these instruments for their audition on French horn and piccolo, respectively.


(Woodwinds) 4 scales and the chromatic scale

(Brass) 2 scales and the chromatic scale

Long tones

1 lyrical etude

1 technical etude

Optional etudes/solos of the applicant's choice as supplemental materials

Auditions must be video recorded as a sound file (mp3 or wav)

Auditions must be received by May 1. Positions are awarded as qualified players audition and announcements of membership and scholarship awards will be sent after May 15. Please be considerate and patient, as we receive between 350-400 applications for the band each year.

Additional audition recordings will be accepted until the band is completely staffed, but those who audition late have a much lower chance of getting a position. Filling all positions may extend to the middle or end of May for a few sections. However, most sections are competitive. We urge prospective members to audition as soon as possible.

After receiving admission to BYU, and as you receive notification of acceptance into the band, you can register for the marching band class (Music 322R, Section 1). Registration is through myMap on your myBYU account.

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